Think your start up has what it takes to be part of the End Poverty Social Ventures Challenge?
  • The entrepreneur is a tenacious leader with a pragmatic vision.

  • The business solution addresses a clear social problem in connection with authentically raising the livelihoods of the poor. 

  • The business solution changes systems, not just symptoms of the problem.

  • The business model prioritizes social impact over financial gain.

  • The business model for developing nations is potentially scalable and transformative for over 100 million people making under $3 to $4 a day. 

  • The business model generates a sustainable funding stream.

  • The business product or service is environmentally sustainable.

  • The business mission is non secular and non partisan.


All individuals and team members of the Social Ventures Foundation involved in the vetting, nominating and awards selection process will have no financial interest, relationship or affiliation with any startup or business award prospect.

Our Past Participants