2018 Social Ventures Summit

Summit Opening Speaker

Marc Blumenthal is Executive Director and founder of the Social Ventures Foundation. He is serial technology entrepreneur and innovator focused on doing business with a purpose and changing the paradigm of the poverty reduction industry.  

To read his full bio, see novationsinc.com 

Keynote Speakers 

'Pioneers of the New Paradigm'

Emily Young is a Co-founder of the Okoa Project, and an MIT senior studying mechanical engineering with a concentration in Global Product Design. She leads the design of the attachment and manufacturing process as well as helps with general design decisions.

Khadija Hafiz has been working on developing a social enterprise called the BOHO Marketplace since September 2017. It is her belief that business and development go hand in hand - businesses that focus on contributing to human prosperity can have long term profits and positive impacts for humanity. Post-graduation she hopes to use her business experience and acumen to develop business models that help the most vulnerable populations.

Introducing the EndPoverty 2018

Case Presenters

Fernando Casado Cañeque is the founder and director of the Centre of Partnerships for Development. He has worked as strategic advisor to a variety of international organizations and has been the General Coordinator of UNDP’s Millennium Development Goals initiative. 

Sarah Frazee guides an organizational portfolio that focuses on the role of healthy ecosystem’s role in greening economic development, food security and land reform, and building resilience to climate change.

Carl Jensen is CEO of Good Nature Agro. Gaining his Masters in International Agricultural Development from UC Davis, he focused on soil management and entrepreneurship. An International Development Design Summit brought him and his harmonica to Zambia and we’ve been enjoying his dulcet tones ever since.

Victoria Arch is COO at Angaza.

Their Pay-As-You-Go platform makes it possible for a billion people to

access clean renewable energy for the first time.

Artin Dersimonian is a student studying management and innovation at Champlain College. He is currently managing university partnerships for SVF, where he also am working to develop social innovations to lift the livelihoods of the poor. 

Jillian Flavin's most recent project, Think Beyond Plastic Innovation Accelerator, brought her to Honduras to assess the amount of plastics being used by businesses and to identify market-based solutions for reducing plastic contamination in the region.

Oliver Ujah is an agronomist with specialization in Resource and Environmental Economics and Co-founder of MKSNS. Make Sense is cloud-based IT company which is developing innovative private sector-led solutions and partnerships to support smallholder farmers in developing countries.

Rosemary Pierce-Messick leads the Business Development team at Three Wheels United, a "Global Fintech Company disrupting lending to Low-income clients".

Vikash Kumar Jha is Assistant Project Manager at CTARA, a program focuses on creating development and cold storage technologies for marginal farmers in India. 

Krishna Mishra is changing Indian farmer’s quality of life by turning farming into a modern profitable livelihood opportunity. Mishra has built a personalized portfolio management system that holistically assesses risks and caters to the needs of farmers.

Emmanuel Juste is the manager of V'ice Haiti, a Social Ventures Foundation company. He believes that proper housing is an undeniable right, not an outrageous expense that is solely dependent on economic abilities.

Jay Mahoney's Tugolo has created over 75 jobs at the base of the pyramid, and diverted over $300,000 directly into emerging communities in Latin America and East Africa. Jay and his team are now launching their next version of the Tugolo platform.

Dr. Martin Burt is founder and CEO of Fundación Paraguaya, a social enterprise devoted to the promotion of entrepreneurship and economic empowerment to eliminate poverty around the world. 

Vianney Tumwesige started Green Heat from its grass roots origins in 2006. Vianney has gained an array of technical and project management experiences. His AFRI-FLAME improves the efficiency of biogas digesters and biomass stoves shall soon earn him a Ph.D. from The University of Aberdeen.

Introducing the EndPoverty 2018 Roundtables 

'Financing Startups' Round Table Speakers

Jim Chu founded DloHaiti in 2013 in partnership with the IFC (World Bank Group) and other funders. Jim has been an active entrepreneur and investor since 1994 and has been involved in humanitarian aid and development since 2004.

Rilwan Meeran is the Managing Director of Flat World Partner’s Alternative Investment Platform. Rilwan has 17 years of private equity, investment banking, and operations experience, principally in emerging and frontier markets.

Dr. Audrey Selian serves as Director of the Artha Initiative associated with Rianta Capital Zurich, an investment advisory to the Singh family trust.  Artha is focused on impact investment in early growth stage enterprises in India.

Daniel Reyes is a Project Manager for New Ventures Mexico.  Through the acceleration program I3 LATAM, every year he supports 10 social entrepreneurs generating quality employment and providing goods and services to underserved populations. He has a BsC in Economics from ITAM in Mexico City.

 'Meeting Unmet Challenges' Round Table Speakers

Stuart L. Hart is one of the world's top authorities on teh implications of environment and poverty for business strategy. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, he is one of the founding fathers of the 'base of teh pyramid economic theory.

Dr. Fiona Wilson is a UNHSI Faculty Fellow. Specifically, she is a Sustainability Research Collaboratory (SRC) faculty fellow and faculty director of the Certificate in Corporate Sustainability.

Elena Kennedy is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Elon University. She researches organizational design in social enterprises, with particular emphasis on the role of the beneficiary. 

Dr. Paul Polak is the Founder and CEO of Windhorse Internat'l and Polal Enterprises. He made Scientific American's list of 50 greatest contributors to science, and was named Ernst and Young's Entrepreneur of the Year in Western States. 

Inshan Meahjohn has nearly two decades of success in entrepreneurship, executive management and finance. He has consulted and invested in institutions in the areas of technology, finance, innovation, entrepreneurship, banking,  and leadership. 

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