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EPIC Teams
Social Entrepreneurship Training Program

EPIC facilitates a pipeline for the development, promotion, and scaling of the best social ventures that deliver social impact to lift the livelihoods of the poor through a best practice development process including:

  • Venture Development of local grass roots social venture solutions that address local community problems.

  • Entrepreneurship Mindset & Team Training equipping participants with skills to help their journey in life.

  • EPIC National Competitions to vet the most outstanding social ventures that have the potential to scale.  

  • EPIC Winners get investment funding to conduct Commercial Proof of Concepts which if successful will help them scale utilizing social franchising underwritten with social impact investment brought down the risk averse ladder. 

EPIC Costa Rica 

Teams of students create social venture ideas that impact poverty and local communities in need, benefiting the local economy and giving them the power to change their lives and futures.

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