EndPoverty Sand Box

Developing innovations to meet unmet Poverty Reduction Challenges. SVF is in the process of forming partnerships with a variety of NGO's, Universities, and Businesses to facilitate the implementation of several innovative programs that will meet pressing domestic and international poverty reduction challenges

Social and Micro Franchising

The Foundation's scalable MicroFranchise Business Model employs the poor to sustainably deliver meaningful social impact for the poor.  

Technology Innovation

Supporting technology innovations that uplift the livelihoods at the Bottom of the Pyramid. 

End Poverty Fund

Once a startup or business is vetted by the SVF to authenticate its social impact, global scalability, and sustainability, the EPF’s independent fund manager will make an investment decision.

Social and Micro-Franchising

The “Bottom of the Pyramid” (BoP) was a groundbreaking early case study focused on changing the poverty reduction paradigm by engaging business. Subsequently, published studies concluded that it’s smarter to aim for smaller-scale, incremental sales opportunities at the BoP with an engineered channel focused on the “last mile” to minimize costs and maximize outcomes.


Microcredit, pioneered by Muhammad Yunus, has enabled thousands of the poor to start their own enterprises, but it leaves it up to the entrepreneur to identify the business, often producing an abundance of similar types of low wage/low tech enterprises such as small retail stands and handcrafts. Today, MicroCredit has moved up the "risk-averse ladder" and is taking bets on businesses that have revenue track records exceeding 6 months making it even more challenging for the poor who make $1 to $3 a day to "jump-start" a business.   

Micro-Franchising is the flip side of MicroCredit, given that it is focused on underwriting proven business models that are sustainable and can be scaled.   Marc Blumenthal, Executive Director of the SVF, initially presented his Micro Franchise model at the MIT Media Lab and at the Media Lab Asia in 2001.  He was invited to present the model again as part of the Social Ventures Foundation at the “Bottom of the Pyramid Summit” (BoP) in New Delhi, India in April of 2018.  

The Foundation's scalable Micro-Franchise Business Model employs the poor to sustainably deliver meaningful social impact for the poor.  

To demonstrate its model the Foundation selected the poorest nation in the America's and one of the most difficult places to do business in the world, Haiti. The unmet challenge the Foundation undertook is a major health care crisis for the poor: vitamin and protein deficiency due to food insecurity. The Foundation MicroFranchise solution is "V'ice" a shaved ice cone with a vitaminized topping that can be customized to the vitamin deficiency needs of a developing nation. 

Technology Innovation

Rural India is facing a technology challenge. It confronts big machines in terms of efficiency and standardization. Simple machines like a 'Handloom' have become incompetent in generating livelihoods. Anything more complex requires power that is unavailable. The SVF has been approached by Drishtee, a business that has impacted over 1.5 million people in rural India, to redesign old technologies and develop new ones.


For example, by increasing the efficiency of simple machines by 30%, rural areas will be back in business due to lower supply chain and manpower costs. The SVF will begin working with social impact departments of American universities, independent research organizations, and businesses to facilitate this innovative Technology Research Initiative.


In the United States, food stamp recipients suffer some of the highest rates of obesity and diabetes. The SVF has developed an innovative model, Fresh Fit, a sustainable home delivery program for repurposed fresh food meals for food stamp recipients in exchange for food stamps. The program is under development with several NGO’s.

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