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Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Dear Social Ventures Foundation’s Friends, Family, and Supporters;

The Social Ventures team wants to offer our sincerest condolences to George Floyd’s family, and all the members of the black community who have lost loved ones to racist brutality. In the past week, we have been inspired by the courage of those who are leading the fight for social change. We encourage those who are actively protesting, and we encourage others to do what they can.

The Social Ventures Foundation was founded in the principles of equality and empowerment. In the United States and internationally, political and social racial discrimination is weaponized to keep the poor unable to break through socio-economic barriers. At the Social Ventures Foundation, we vow to keep fighting against this injustice by creating markets at the bottom of the pyramid. We also are working to educate globally and build a just society free of white privilege and economic exploitation of low-income workers. We are committed to fighting against inequality and raising up the voices of those who have too long been silenced.

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