Apply to Change The World with EPIC

The Foundation has operated EPIC, a global virtual showcase of outstanding BoP social ventures, since 2017, but this year EPIC2020 will be focused on Social Ventures developed by graduate and undergraduate students from University programs worldwide. We would love any past or present students interested in social entrepreneurship and innovation at  DePaul to compete in the End Poverty Innovation Challenge. 

What is EPIC?

EPIC, the End Poverty Innovation Challenge, is a virtual social venture startup competition featuring the most innovative startups from around the world focused on lifting the livelihoods of the people at the bottom of the pyramid. Participants will have access to free educational resources, virtual learning labs, networking. Finalists have the chance to win cash, mentorship, and other prizes. 

Who can apply?

College Students or Recently Graduated (in the last 2-3 Years)

with a passion for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact

You can submit a social venture in its idea stage, research and development stage, prototype stage, or scaling stage.

More information on submission criteria can be found here.



Due September 30th

Preliminary Picks Announced Oct. 30th

Top 10 Social Ventures will present live on Nov. 20th @ 2pm EST via Zoom

Registration requires short answers as well as a 3 minute (maximum) video uploaded via YouTube. 

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