Bringing "Glory" To Haiti

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Founded in 2015, Glory Industries is a Haitian tissue paper converting company located in Port- au-Prince, Haiti. The company manufactures toilet paper and napkins for personal use.

It all started with sad memories of a little girl faced with toilet paper scarcity from school. Since, she became obsessed with the need to supply hygiene paper to better her community’s wellbeing. More than 3 decades later, this dream was fulfilled, with the birth of Glory Industries.

Haiti has the lowest rate of access to personal care and hygienic paper in the Western Hemisphere and is faced with a fierce lack of hygiene awareness. While many take toilet paper for granted, only 60% of the Haitian population make use of this first necessity item. Currently, many to not have access to toilet paper, leaving them to use rocks, leaves, rags, magazines, schoolbooks, fingers, and rivers for cleaning.

Supplying hygiene tissue paper to the Haitian community, Glory Industries is a forward -looking company, focusing on fulfilling the need of a healthy, happy, and dignified lifestyle in the Haitian community for low income consumers. Glory Industries’ goal is to become the leader in paper hygiene supply in Haiti, to better impact the community’s, hygiene behavior, and to give everyone in Haiti access to toilet paper.

Glory Industries also plays a large part in the reduction of the unemployment rate in Haiti generating 49 direct and 1000 indirect jobs out of which 80% women.

Glory offers free hand-washing with soap, by means of a mobile marketing soundtrack to educate their community on the importance of keeping their hands clean to avoid disease transfer.

The company has scaling plans to create not only toilet paper but feminine napkins and baby diapers. In 2 years, the company is projected to supply to five million people throughout Haiti, changing hygiene habits, saving lives, and addressing development challenges.

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