Our Mission

The old poverty reduction paradigm originated over 74 years ago at Bretton Woods, NH. and focused on the reconstruction of Europe. ​It formed an industry of unsustainable charitable and governmental organizations still in existence today. 

​The Social Ventures Foundation mission is focused on a new paradigm of doing "Business with a Purpose" through the identification, promotion and invention of Social Ventures that provide sustainable market creation for the 3 to 4 billion poor at the “Bottom of the Pyramid.   

Management Team

Our team includes passionate social entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers.

Marc Blumental

Executive Director

Jim Chu

Business Advisor

Kristy Noel

Business Manager

Daneka Soudak

Social Media Director

Jackie Abramian

Director of Public Relations

Emmanuel Juste

V'ice Haiti General Manager

Haley Burns

University Relations Manager

Jackie Stamp

Community Relations & Social Media

Board of Directors

Our Board includes amazing people who are doing Business with a Purpose.   Up to two additional Board members will be added to the Board by December 1, 2019

Paul Polak

Pioneer of New Paradigm

Emeritus in Spirit


Stuart Hart

Bottom of Pyramid Co Author

Marc Blumental

Executive Director SVF

Audrey Selian

Supporting Pioneers and Innovators

Rilwan Meeran

Bottom of The Pyramid Fund Manager

Julie McBride

CEO & Founder of Stage Six 

John Chu

Partner- Prince Lobel