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Our Social Ventures Team

Meet Our Passionate Experts

We believe that success comes from our exceptional team members' collective effort and unique talents. Our diverse and skilled professionals work together to deliver innovative solutions, exceed expectations, and positively impact the world.


Allow us to introduce you to the incredible individuals who form the backbone of our organization.

The Team

Board of Directors

Our Board includes amazing people who are doing Business with a Purpose.   

20140914_Stuart_Hart-2 (2)_edited.jpg

Stuart Hart

Bottom of Pyramid Co Author


John Chu

Partner- Prince Lobel


Rilwan Meeran

Bottom of The Pyramid Fund Manager


Marc Blumenthal

Executive Director SVF

Paul Polak_edited.jpg

Paul Polak

Pioneer of New Paradigm
Emeritus in Spirit


Julie McBride

CEO & Founder of

Stage Six


Chief International Development Officer, Subway

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