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Social Ventures Institute

The mission of the Social Venture Institute is to build a global social venture pipeline by engaging outstanding business schools globally in the development and scaling of social venture solutions to local poverty reduction challenges. 


The Foundation in cooperation with the Global Business Schools Network (GBSN) will identify a "flagship" Business School for each nation the Institute is rolled out to.  The Social Ventures Institute consists of the three integrated program components: 

1. Social Venture Development:  End Poverty Innovation 

    Challenge (EPIC) Experientially engages socially driven 

    students and faculty in the local development of social

    venture solutions to local poverty reduction challenges. 

    (up to 25 students)


2. Social Venture Scaling: Social Franchise Management

     Training Program (SFMT) Experientially engages a select

     group of business school student interns in: 

  • Modeling and monitoring a “franchisable” social venture’s commercial proof of concept.

  • Monitoring and evaluating the scaling of a social franchise in conjunction with the Foundation’s EndPoverty Fund.  (up to 5 students)

3. Social Venture Investment: Social Equity Fund Training  

     Program Experientially engages a select group of

     business school student interns in the business of social

     venture deal sourcing, vetting and valuation for the social

     impact equity portfolio of the Foundation’s “End Poverty

     Fund”. (up to 5 students)

In cooperation with:

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