Welcome to the Social Ventures Foundation

Changing the paradigm of the poverty reduction industry with a bottom up approach that creates markets at the base of the pyramid.

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We Believe In...

facilitating economic access by opening job opportunities and services; economic equity by mitigating the income divide, economic participation without racial or gender discrimination and economic rights for those impacted and  disenfranchised  by poverty.


How we create jobs around affordable vitamins in Haiti

V’ice Haiti is a “market creating” social venture demonstration owned by the SVF.


The End Poverty Innovation Challenge

EPIC awards winning social ventures with mentorship and financial support to help them conduct commercial proofs of concepts.  


Helping social impact startups bridge the funding gap.

An up and coming alternative to charitable donations. 

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Let us help you create your post secondary institution social entrepreneurship program.

EPIC Teams trains post-secondary students in social entrepreneurship by engaging them in the development of grassroots sustainable social venture solutions to local poverty reduction challenges.


The businesses who make our mission a reality.