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Social Ventures Foundation


Introducing a New Paradigm in Poverty Reduction

EndPoverty Summit 2019

Our Mission:  

Facilitating the identification, promotioninvestment and innovation of startups and businesses which have products, services and/or job programs that sustainably lift the livelihoods of the poor.


Building an "EndPoverty Global Data Base" of startups and businesses which have products, services, and/or job programs that sustainably lift the livelihoods of the poor


Letting the world know about the best startups and businesses through our newsletters and our annual "EndPoverty Summits" where we  present case studies and award the most outstanding


Facilitating investments in the most scalable of these enterprises through our "EndPoverty Fund",

an alternative to charitable donations (Currently under Formation)


Meeting unmet poverty reduction challenges by facilitating startup development and scaling through our "EndPoverty Sandbox"

The Board and The Team 

Our Board includes amazing people who are doing Business with a Purpose.


Board of Directors*

Stuart Hart                                             Bottom of Pyramid Co-Author

Paul Polak                                             Pioneer of the New Paradigm

Satyan Mishra                                  Pioneer of the New Paradigm

Audrey Selian               Supporting Pioneers and Innovators

Marc Blumenthal                                Innovator-Social/Technology Entrepreneur   


                         *Note:  Up to two additional Board members will be added to the Board by December 1, 2019


Our team includes passionate social entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers.


Team USA

Marc Blumenthal              Executive Director                                                                 

Jim Chu                             Business Advisor                                                                   

Kristy Noel                        Business Manager                                                      Over ten years of business management experience 

Daneka Soudak                Director of Social Media                                            Over twelve years experience in digital marketing and media

Artin Dersimonian            Newsletter and Summit Administrator                     Social Entrepreneurship Intern Champlain College

Haley Burns                      Social Ventures Investment Facilitator                      Social Entrepreneurship Intern University of New Hampshire

Emmanuel Juste              Manager-V'ice Haiti                                                    Emerging Social Entrepreneur                                


EndPoverty Fund Advisors

Rilwan Meeran                  Fund Advisor                              Over 17 years of Venture capital, private equity, and investment banking.         

Rodrigo  Villar                   Fund Advisor                    

Alex Rossides                    Fund Advisor                    

Audry Selian                   Fund Advisor                 


Legal Team

John Chu                          Managing Partner, Chu, Ring and Hazel LLP   Boston                           Primary Legal Team 

David Levitt                      Principal, Adler & Colvin, San Francisco                                                 Supporting Legal Team