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Welcome to the Social Ventures Foundation

Changing the paradigm of poverty reduction, through the construction of a social venture pipeline that trains human resources to develop, manage and scale  franchisable market-based social venture solutions to local poverty reduction challenges, providing jobs for unemployed youth, especially women, to deliver affordable social impact for low-income communities.

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We Believe In Social Justice by...

  1. Economic access that is "bottom up" market creation, not trickle down.

  2. Economic equity that closes the income divide instead of widening it.

  3. Economic participation without racial or gender discrimination.

  4. Economic rights for those disenfranchised  by poverty because they were born poor.

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Social Ventures

The Social Venture Pipeline

Social impact investors do not make equity investments in the "Bottom of the Pyramid" because they are risk averse and so "the poor stay poor". 


The Social Venture Institute provides the building blocks for a social venture pipeline that mitigates investor risk so they can make investments in social ventures that can scale utilizing social franchising. 

College Friends

End Poverty
Innovation Challenge

Social Entrepreneurship Training for Universities.

Fewer than 5% of Universities worldwide offer social entrepreneurship training. EPIC Teams trains post-secondary students in social entrepreneurship by engaging them in the local development of sustainable social venture solutions to local poverty reduction challenges. 


EPIC Innovation Lab:
Developing innovative technology solutions to major poverty reduction challenges.

The Foundation is working with Universities to develop innovative  "franchisable" social ventures that meet local poverty reduction challenges which integrate technology to cut costs and improve outcomes at the "Bottom of the Pyramid".   

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EPIC Fund:
Helping social venture startups bridge the funding gap.

The Fund is being developed as a sustainable alternative to charitable donations by bridging the funding gap at the "bottom of the pyramid" through investment in social venture solutions to poverty reduction challenges, that create jobs for unemployed youth, especially women, which deliver affordable social impact to low-income communities.

Sponsors & Partners

The businesses  and organizations who make our mission a reality. 

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